Around here…

As I was transferring photos from my camera to my computer, I discovered that I didn’t take a single picture in September. That’s probably an indication that I spent too much time at work in September. Or too much time running. Or possibly both.

A few photos from October…


Hiking in the Berkshires

Head of the Charles

On the eve of The Head of the Charles

maine lighthouse

Portland Head Light

Eventide Portland

Lunch at Eventide in Portland…It was like being back in LA…

Oysters at Eventide Portland

…with the addition of lots of Maine oysters

Boston at night Full moon over Boston.


An afternoon in Kittery

We’re enjoying the brief lull in between my husband’s spring semester and summer term. Yesterday we decided to make the most of it and we drove up to Kittery, Maine for the day.

I guess Kittery is known for its outlet malls, but we bypassed the shopping, as  it was much too nice outside to be indoors.

First stop was Robert’s Maine Grill for lunch, where my husband had some oysters and we shared a sampler of Maine brews. A good choice for the undecided.



For our meal, my husband had a lobster roll and I went with the fish and chips. The menu boasted the best fish and chips in Maine. I have to agree. It was the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.


After lunch we drove down to Kittery Point and wandered around Fort McClary.


Inside the Rifleman’s House.P1010289

I don’t remember what this was, but it was a little creepy. I felt like I was in the book, The Maze Runner.P1010290


The view’s not too shabby from the Captain’s Quarters.P1010301



Then we headed across the street to a park, where we took in the scenery and wildlife.










We stopped at Beach Pea Baking Company to have a little dessert before dinner. Some people claim this is the best bakery on the east coast. From what I tasted, they might be right.



This Black and White Cupcake was filled with white chocolate mousse and it was delicious.


I picked up one of these lavender mint cookies to go. I ate it this morning as a post-run snack. It was buttery and smooth and had just the right amount of mint to go with the lavender flavor. I should have gotten a dozen.


The whole point of our trip to Kittery was to eat at Black Birch, so after dessert we walked to Black Birch, put our name on the list, and had some drinks while we waited.


The entryway was filled with people waiting to eat. Everyone was friendly and many were repeat customers who reported that the food was worth the wait.


We made it in and it was worth the wait.


We started with deviled eggs and shared several small plates. The food was so good, we didn’t stop to take pictures, and didn’t stop eating until we licked every last bite of the chocolate doughnuts off our plate.


See you soon, Kittery!



24 hours in Portland

Last weekend, we went on a quick trip to Portland, Maine. Just two hours from Boston, it was the perfect, short getaway. Of course, for us, 24 hours in Portland might be more aptly titled, “How much food can we eat in 24 hours.” I think we did a pretty good job on that front.

Life married to a grad student. The drive up to Portland.


Once we arrived in Portland, our first stop was Duckfat, where much of the food is cooked in, you guessed it, duck fat.


Duckfat poutine. I’m not a huge poutine fan to begin with, but it was pretty good. Not the best fries ever, but good.


The tomato soup was amazing. Even better than Roxy’s Grilled Cheese truck here in Boston.


Next stop was Two Fat Cats Bakery for dessert. This place was after my own heart.



The pies looked delicious…


…but I ultimately decided on a whoopie pie, which happens to be the official state treat of Maine. (The signs aren’t kidding when they say Maine is “the way life should be.”)

And it was the best whoopie pie I’ve ever had. The cake was light and fluffy, and not too chocolatey. And the cream was slightly more frosting-like, than cream-like. Just the way I like it.


In the afternoon we checked into our hotel. The Holiday Inn By the Bay has lovely views.



We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at Bard Coffee, where the loose tea selection was amazing and they had hot white chocolate. I hear the coffee is pretty good too, but we’re not coffee drinkers.


Also wandered around Old Port a bit.


And then we had dinner at Fore Street, where the food rivaled the best restaurants in LA, but you’ll have to take my word for it, because I didn’t take any pictures. My husband ordered the duck and said it was the best duck he’s ever had in his life.

The next morning we awoke to snow falling.


We ventured out into the snow for brunch at Schulte & Herr. It was traditional German food. Good, but not great.

Potato Pancakes with lox.


Something very meat and potatoes style that my husband ordered. I think it was the special of the day.


We bid farewell to Portland and headed home through the snow. With one short stop at Popovers in Portsmouth for lunch 🙂