SoWa + the quest for the best hot dog ever

My husband has been wanting to eat a Super Dog (aka – America’s #1 Hotdog) for quite some time, and I’ve been wanting to check out the SoWa Open Market (also for quite some time), so a few weeks ago, when we were looking for something to do that required “low brain power” per my husband’s request, we knocked two things off our Boston to-do list in one afternoon.

The SoWa Open Market has three sections: a farmers’ market, an arts market, and food trucks.

The farmers’ market looked a bit weak, so we didn’t even check it out. The arts market was okay, but not as big as I expected.

While perusing the art market, I did learn how to tie a bow tie from the nice gentlemen at this stand…


…and I loved every piece of art at this stand by Elizabeth Benotti.

Elizabeth Benotti SoWa

I ended up leaving without making a purchase, but she had so much more available at the market than at her etsy store, so I might need to take another trip to SoWa if I decide I’m ready to commit to a piece. At least these great hanging planters are available online in case I don’t make it back.

After my indecision about the planters, we moved on to the food trucks.

The food truck section felt a little bit like being back in Southern California. Food trucks + hipsters everywhere = the closest Boston can get to feeling like LA.

I don’t think any food truck can top Kogi, but the food trucks at SoWa were unique in their own way and had a nice New England feel.

SoWa food truck

SoWa food truck

SoWa food truck

I can’t say that I ever saw a lobster or oyster food truck in LA.

And of course there was the Boston Super Dog truck.

SoWa Super Dog Food Truck

We ordered fried green tomatoes and a Jr Dog (which was the size of a regular hotdog; the regular size was huge). I then proceeded to not take a photo of the hotdog, so you’ll have to take my word for it that we got one. The fried green tomatoes were okay, but nowhere near Sweet Cheeks.

The verdict on the hotdog? “Pretty good, but I don’t know about the best.” According to my husband, who is apparently a connoisseur of hotdogs, as he said it would have been better if he’d gotten the regular size, because the bread to dog ratio was off in the Jr Dog. Who knew such a ratio existed? To me, it was just a hot dog.


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