Worth a visit: The MIT Museum

What to do when your day off work is rainy? Head to a museum!MIT Museum But first I swung by the Central Square library to pick up a museum pass for the MIT Museum. Somehow the library has funding to allow patrons to check out museum passes, which is a pretty awesome library perk.
MIT Museum The first exhibit was on artificial intelligence, which is just not that interesting to me, so I started out feeling especially happy that I didn’t pay $10 to get in.

Then I got to the Gestural Engineering exhibit by Arthur Ganson.
MIT Museum

It’s hard to explain what gestural engineering is, so think art + engineering = quirky moving objects that are mesmerizing to watch.

This picture looks pretty dull, but the beads were coming out of the faucet at a speed that was almost hypnotizing. Video wasn’t allowed so you’ll have to take my word for it, or go visit the museum and see for yourself.

MIT Museum - Arthur Ganson

Since taking video was not allowed, here’s my attempt to show how interesting the pieces were. Look at the next three pictures quickly and you’ll get an idea of how the objects moved.

MIT Museum - Arthur Ganson

MIT Museum - Arthur Ganson

MIT Museum - Arthur Ganson

Next up were the special exhibits. Both of the special exhibits that are currently running were outstanding.

The Kurtz Gallery for Photography has an exhibit called Compass Points by Joel Tettamanti. His photos focus on the impact of human settlement on the landscape. It doesn’t sound all that exciting, but the photos were stunning. I didn’t take any pictures (because I think it’s weird to take pictures of a photographer’s photos…), but you can click here to see my favorite photo.

The other special exhibit that is currently running is called Hidden Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things.

This exhibit artistically displays common objects, like teabags, and shares the history and design process of each one. Many have been unchanged for decades, because the original engineering can’t be improved.MIT Museum - Hidden Heroes

And of course the MIT Museum has to have a couple of these things….no science museum would be complete without them.MIT Museum

MIT Museum

All in all, it was an enjoyable way to spend a rainy afternoon in Cambridge.


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