My kind of Saturday school

While my husband spent the day over at Harvard Business School, I went to school too. He’s not the only one filling his head with knowledge around here. Thanks to Groupon, I spent the afternoon at Boston Chocolate School learning how to make chocolate truffles. This is clearly just as important as whatever is going on over at HBS.


The class took place in the basement of the Elephant & Castle Pub and was taught by Dorian McCarron, who is  a retired pastry chef, now full-time tattoo artist, and self-proclaimed chocaholic. He recently won Sweet Genius on the Food Network, so I think it’s safe to say that he still knows what he’s doing, despite being retired (and from the looks of it, a 30-something retiree).

Upon entering the classroom, we were each given a mug of hot chocolate to sip on while we learned about the history and science of chocolate. This was real hot chocolate, not Swiss Miss, and tasted like I was drinking a chocolate bar. Dorian kept the lesson entertaining and we got to sample cocoa nibs, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, as well as rub some cocoa butter on our hands to soften our skin.

Then it was on to the chocolate making. In all actuality, Dorian did all of the chocolate making, we just assembled our chocolates by rolling the ganache into balls and then rolling them in toppings or dipping them into chocolate.

My workspace could probably be labeled “hot mess.” Good thing I didn’t have to actually make the ganache and temper the chocolate.


The ganache flavors were caramel, raspberry, and milk chocolate. I chose cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and toffee bits for my toppings. There were also cocoa nibs and coconut, but the cocoa nibs were too bitter for me, and as many people know, I have a serious aversion to coconut, thanks to my brother and a traumatic incident involving coconut as a child…

I dipped most of mine into dark chocolate and then drizzled some milk chocolate on top in an attempt to make them look a little nicer and to distract from the oddly shaped chocolates I created.


I couldn’t believe how many chocolates we were able to make. Here’s my bottom layer.


And then another layer on top.


I’m still feeling a little overdosed on chocolate from the hot chocolate and the chocolate samples, so I haven’t tried any of my chocolates yet, but I’m sure they will be delicious. I’m especially excited to try the molded ones that we filled with an earl grey ganache, which just so happens to taste a lot like Froot Loops. Now that’s my kind of chocolate filling.



One comment on “My kind of Saturday school

  1. Spela says:

    Do you want to come over tonight? 😉

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