The past few weeks…

Between writing all of my students’ progress reports, an ear infection, and a cold, it’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Nothing too exciting to report on, but we did survive a hurricane and our first snow of the season 🙂

Here’s an owl from a few weeks ago (you can tell this photo is old by the number of leaves in the tree). There was a crowd gathered in the park to admire this owl and no one seemed concerned that an owl was out during the day, so I snapped a picture and carried on.

Then Hurricane Sandy came and knocked most of the leaves out of the trees. We were lucky. We didn’t lose power and there was very little damage in Cambridge. Just a few tree branches down here and there.

A few signs, too.

A chair got swept into the river. I relax in these red chairs sometimes, and they are typically bolted to the dock, so I guess it really was windy.

Of course, I had to check out the river at the height of the storm. It was pretty gusty on the bridge. You can’t really tell from the photos, but there were waves in the river.

Very minor flooding the day after the storm. This spot floods every time it rains even a tiny amount, so I’m not sure I can blame this on the hurricane.

I’m not sure that this was actually hurricane related either, but it does make it look dramatic.

After two days of school were cancelled for what appeared to be a minor storm, I was grumbling a little bit on my way back to work about how school shouldn’t have been cancelled. And then I saw this across the street from my school. I guess the suburbs were hit a little harder than the city.

And a few days later, we got our first snow, so my car looked like this when I left work. Good thing I still have my snow brush in my trunk.

It was pretty, but it didn’t last long.

I’ll spare you the pictures of my ear with blood coming out of it and share some crazy cat lady photos instead. (It’s not as dramatic as it sounds, I just an inexperienced Harvard resident poking around in my ear.)

“What? You think I’m too fat to sit here?”

“You shouldn’t let me eat these if you think I’m fat!”

[he doesn’t actually get to eat cereal…he just dreams about it and rudely sticks his nose in my bowl]

“Why is it spinning? And where is it going?”

[by the way, this is a new curiosity we are not very happy about]

And to prove I do more than sit at home and take pictures of our cat, a celebratory Obama-tini at River Gods 🙂


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