Boston Foodie Tour

After we got settled into our apartment, I decided I needed to start to get to know the city of Boston, beyond our neighborhood in Cambridge. I figured, what better way to do that than to take a food tour? After consulting Yelp, I decided that the Boston Foodie Tour was my best choice, and I was not disappointed.

I went with the Beacon Hill/Back Bay Tour, because it was advertised as two tours in one (you can’t argue with that!), and because those neighborhoods are just across the river from Cambridge. I was a little hesitant to embark on a five hour food tour, but the guide, Audrey, was amazing, and gave us a nice mix of sampling food, perusing food stores, and filling us in on the history of the area as we walked through Beacon Hill and Back Bay. Before I knew it, the sun was setting and the tour was coming to an end.

I ate so much food on this tour that it’s taken me almost two months to sort through my photos. Here’s a sampling of the places we visited on our tour.

The tour started at the beautiful Liberty Hotel, which used to be the Charles Street Jail. Sorry I don’t have a picture, but trust me the interior was breathtaking.

Our first food “sampling” was at Scampo, which is Lydia Shire’s restaurant, located in the Liberty Hotel. We were first treated to a delicious mozzarella salad……and then we got to watch the chef prepare a lobster pizza for us.

Which was both rich and scrumptious (and worth risking a migraine for, but luckily I was able to eat the lobster without any headaches).

All of the food at Scampo was tasty. Even the bread sticks were good.

After our first “sample” we headed onto Charles Street, where we stopped at Savenor’s Market.

Here we perused the shelves of fresh fruits and vegetables, the local handcrafted foods, and of course, the exotic meats (which we did not sample).

I was happy to see that the rattle snake is free range, because I would hate to see those little fellas forced to live in a factory farm.

Then it was time for some J.P. Licks ice cream. I’m not usually a chocolate person, but I decided to go with the Nutella flavor, because I can’t resist that chocolate-hazelnut deliciousness. Had I known that the next stop was a chocolate shop, I probably would have chosen a different flavor, but it was still delicious.

Next stop: Beacon Hill Chocolates

They were so pretty and so tasty!

We continued on through the Boston Public Gardens and on to my favorite stop of the day: Bacco’s Wine and Cheese shop.

Where we sampled a variety of cheeses and other items that would go on a cheese plate.

I picked up some goodies to take home. Delicious.

Next, we were off to Legal Sea Foods for some chowdah. It was okay. I think I just don’t like clam chowder, so you probably shouldn’t make any decisions based on my feelings about it.

Then it was time to hit Georgetown Cupcakes.

We were feeling pretty stuffed, so we got our cupcakes to go. I have been here MANY times since the food tour. They are that good. For me, frosting is the most important factor in making a cupcake delicious. If you are a frosting lover, you will not be disappointed.

Then it was time for some more savory food. We hit up the Grilled Cheese Nation food truck.

We split a brie and apple sandwich. The sandwich had a clever name, but I don’t remember what it was. The crisp apple with the brie cheese was delicious.

We took a stroll through the Copley Square Farmer’s Market, where the colors were beautiful.

We visited some more specialty shops, sampling flavored salts and sugars at Sabatino and Co….

…and delicious olive oils and vinegars at Boston Olive Oil Company. I have not gone back here yet, but I will as soon as my current bottle of olive oil runs out. Which should be soon 🙂

The tour ended with tea and dessert at Brasserie Jo.

I had such a great time and ate SO much delicious food on this tour. I cannot wait to go on another one. If anyone comes to visit me in Boston, I will be happy to accompany you on a Boston Foodie Tour. I especially have my eye on the North End Tour, but I’m sure all of the tours are fantastic!


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