A beautiful weekend for a regatta

The 2012 Head of the Charles Regatta was on Saturday and Sunday and the weather was perfect. After a storm Friday night, the skies slowly cleared and it was sunny and in the 70s by Saturday afternoon.

[I really don’t know anything about rowing or the Head of the Charles Regatta, other than it was fun to watch, especially the 8-person boats, and it was just a few blocks from our apartment, so why wouldn’t we go check it out? If you really want to know more about the regatta, then you can click here. This is where you learn facts like an 8+ boat costs $40,000]

Saturday morning was cloudy, but I liked the look of the John Hancock Tower getting lost in the clouds.

Boats were everywhere.

I took these photos Saturday morning while I was out for a “run”. Obviously I didn’t do much running. I could probably win the Tufts 10k next year if I actually ran each time I put on my running shoes and left the house for a run along the river.

Later in the afternoon, my husband needed a break from studying so we went back out to check out the regatta.

Check out the size of those arms! I think their arms are bigger than my legs.

I thought for sure this one was going to run into the bridge. It actually wasn’t close at all, but I was mildly disappointed when it didn’t hit the bridge. There’s not a lot of exciting action in rowing, but a little bump into the bridge would have livened things up.

The boats were much thinner than I expected. Rowing is not for people with wide hips.

I was wondering how people got their boats to the race, when I spotted this car. Question answered. Just no Boston tailgating allowed.


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