If this house could talk…

We live in the Cambridegport neighborhood of Cambridge, which as far as I can tell is the part of Cambridge between MIT and Harvard that dips into the bend of the Charles River. Last Saturday was Cambridgeport History Day, so I walked over to Dana Park to pick up a map of the houses participating in “If this house could talk…”

I also saw a musket demo while I was there. It took a long time to get one shot ready. It’s amazing that that’s how wars used to be fought. Oh, and it was loud, but I suppose all guns are loud.

I also enjoyed this photo of the Cambridge Cycling Club from 1899 that was on display. Bikes have come a long way in the last 113 years…I probably wouldn’t even be able to balance on one of these bikes.

Here are some highlights from my “If this house could talk…” stroll around the neighborhood.

The Women’s Center

A street of colorful houses, but they weren’t talking.

Here’s 11 Cottage Street, where the Affleck’s grew up.

Even some of the churches were talking.

And some of the buildings had history to share, too.

Take a close look at this house. It appears symmetrical at first glance.

Sometimes the whole street was talking.

The two houses above were built by the same builder. You’ll notice some similarities.

In case anyone is wondering, we do not live in a beautiful old house like the ones in these pictures. I’m surprised the people of Cambridgeport haven’t rallied to get rid of ugly apartment buildings like ours.


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