Honey on tap? Yes, please!

As I wandered around Harvard Square today, I decided to check out Follow the Honey. As someone who regularly eats honey (and lots of it) straight out of the jar, this is my kind of place.

Follow the Honey is located right on Mass Ave, but a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of Harvard Square itself. This store contains ALL things honey. Honey infused lotions and soaps, cook books, honey filled chocolates, even bike helmets that look like honeycomb…everything! And of course, honey! A huge selection from around the world, I might add.

Books, for people who want to do more than just eat the honey out of the jar.

Ear plugs made out of beeswax ( I could have used those a few weeks ago when our upstairs neighbor decided to have a party into the wee hours of the morning).

They even have Honey Stinger’s!!! These are my go-to energy booster when  I’m attempting to do things like ride my bike across Iowa.

Honey on tap from near…

…and from far.

I wasn’t quite sure where to start, but I knew I wanted a local honey. The shopkeeper, Erin, was kind enough to provide me with some samples from the honey bar.

I ultimately decided to go with the local Summer Light honey that was on tap from Autumn Morning Farm. Although there was a VERY tasty honey from Vermont that was a close second for me. I’ll probably be going back for that.

To buy the honey on tap you can bring your own jar from home. Or if you arrive unprepared like I did, you can choose one of the cute jars from the store, and just fill it up!

And here’s my full jar. Yum!


2 comments on “Honey on tap? Yes, please!

  1. Judy Holmes says:

    Honey in the morning, honey in the evening, honey at suppertime–Mick used to sing that one!

  2. Mary Canning says:

    Oh Abby this is just wonderful ~ you really captured the heart of the honey!

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