Welcome to the Real Housewife of MIT

While my husband is busy being a graduate student at MIT, I’m busy checking out all that Boston has to offer. You can follow my discoveries here on my blog.

What I’ve learned so far in my short time in Boston:

– Drivers like to honk. A lot.

– Pedestrians rule and it’s perfectly acceptable to cross the street anywhere you please. Legal? I don’t know. But definitely an accepted practice.

– Leave a traffic circle at the wrong exit and you will turn your 10 minute drive into a 40 minute drive. This is guaranteed.

-When 250,000 students descend on Boston on September 1, Target becomes crazier than any last minute holiday rush I’ve ever seen.

-All of the students in Boston make the average age of a Boston resident 29. That means in a few weeks, I will officially be above average 🙂


3 comments on “Welcome to the Real Housewife of MIT

  1. Ellen Pearson says:

    And Boston has no street signs! We found that out years ago, when we tried to find the hospital where Mike’s great-aunt was laid up. I guess they all know where they are, so why put up the street names for outsiders?! Beautiful photos Abby, can’t wait for more. (BTW, the orange flower is a zinnia — easy grown-from-seed late-summer flowers)

  2. Mary Trachsel says:

    Beautiful pictures. I just got back from Atlanta last night. Now I’m back in the office. Wish I were a real housewife somewhere.

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